Master Using LinkedIn as a Business Tool

About this Webinar Series

This two-session webinar series kicks off on the 4th Wednesday of each month. Each session is 1 hour long and filled with tons of knowledge, best practices, and ideas you can use to create value using LinkedIn.

In Session #1 we discuss:

  • Being purposeful about your Target Audience and their influencers.
  • Choosing the right words for your messaging.
  • A deep dive into Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile.

In Session #2 on the following Wednesday we discuss:

  • Powerful Best Practices for LinkedIn Networking.
  • Best Practices of Social Conversations and Social Sharing.
  • The power of Social Listening on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

We record both sessions, in the event, you get pulled away or could not attend, or want to remind yourself of a powerful tactic or idea.

All attendees also get copies of the following LinkedIn Guides:

  1. Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile.
  2. Building a highly relevant and meaningful LinkedIn Network.
  3. Building a Professional Reputation using LinkedIn.
  4. 20 Questions about LinkedIn and the Answers you need.
Master LinkedIn as a Business Tool with Teddy Burriss

All attendees will also receive a Bonus Private 1:1 Coaching Session, scheduled at the best day/time for them.

This Webinar program is designed for business professionals, sales professionals, sales leaders, and business owners who want to maximize their use of LinkedIn as a Business Tool.

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