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LinkedIn Training – Learn to use this Business Tool

Join us on March 26, 2015 @ 8:30AM for the first local IRL & Virtual LinkedIn training program. You will learn how to get the greatest value from this business tool.

I am sharing this LinkedIn Training program with my blog followers first. Later this week I will share with the public

LinkedIn is a business tool – get LinkedIn Training

Like any other tool you use in your business, learn how to use it properly and it will work better for you and your team. Let me provide LinkedIn Training for you.

Despite what many people believe, LinkedIn is not a job search tool. It’s the #1 Professional Networking site in existence and everyone can benefit from using it properly.

When used properly this networking tool can be a venue for ideas, resources, knowledge and where liked-minded professionals can connect. Used properly this business tool can add value to your business in many different ways.

However you will not get this success from LinkedIn unless you first get trained on the best practices, tips and processes of using it as a business tool.

Because I am committed to using, exploring and experimenting with LinkedIn I have mastered every area of this tool. I will share my wealth of knowledge and experiences with you during this 90 minute session.

During this session you will learn how to:

  • Create a LinkedIn Profile that can be #1 in LinkedIn and Google Search Results
  • Do Research using LinkedIn
  • Find and Connect with people you do not yet know, and get them to accept the invite
  • Be found as the authority, professional and expert you are in your field by Engaging
  • Create compelling content as a LinkedIn Author
Beyond the knowledge and ideas, each attendee of this seminar will also receive:
  • Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile” Ebook
  • Connecting on LinkedIn” Ebook
  • Engaging on LinkedIn” Ebook
  • Digital copy of Success Using Social Media
  • LinkedIn profile review & recommendations
This seminar will be delivered by Teddy Burriss – LinkedIn Coach & Trainer. Teddy is a professional and loves to provide LinkedIn Training for others.
Dedicated to getting the greatest value possible from this business tool and to share the message of how to use LinkedIn properly for life, business, career & community.
Teddy has been teaching LinkedIn best practices, skills and tips across the country for over 5 years.
Local seating is limited to 12 people
Virtual attendance limited to 24 people.

LinkedIn Training is how you master this business tool.

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