LinkedIn Pulse Management

LinkedIn Pulse Went Away

And came back, just in a different place.

LinkedIn has moved around LinkedIn Pulse numerous times.

First it used to be prominently on the top of the LinkedIn Home Page. Years later, when LinkedIn gave us LinkedIn Posts so we can all become LinkedIn bloggers, they moved it up under Interests on the navigation bar.

Recently (July 2016) they took that link away, in normal LinkedIn process, with no indication of how to find the influencers and news page.

The message from LinkedIN was, we decided to insert your LinkedIn Pulse articles into your newsfeed. For me, this is not helpful. My newsfeed is already so full,  I never see the Pulse articles. Fortunately I use the Pulse App on my SmartPhone.

However the big challenge became, how to manage the influencers and Channels I want to follow.

Finally, after nearly a week of searching and asking LinkedIn Support, I found it.

You can mange your Pulse Influencers and News Channels from two buttons in your the Following Section of your LinkedIn Profile when you are in Edit Mode.

Following Section of LinkedIn Profile

The  ‘Customize news‘ Button takes you to Pulse Discover.

The Customize companies Button takes you to Companies you Follow

I am happy to see we can get back to these features of LinkedIn. However, for those of us with large LinkedIn Profiles, hiding these settings near the bottom of the Profile seems a little troublesome to get to.

I enjoy reading the articles I follow on LinkedIn Pulse. Often there are many great articles by Influencers and relevant businesses. Fortunately now we can manage the list of Influencers and news we follow.

I hope this is helpful.

Teddy Burriss, LinkedIn Coach, Trainer and Public Speaker. My purpose is to help individuals in business on the best practices of using LinkedIn as a business tool.




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