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If you don’t have a LinkedIn Profile Picture, you are not completely representing yourself and you could be considered less than approachable.

“Do I need a LinkedIn Profile Picture?”

Each time I get this question I unequivocally say, “Yes!”

Here are four reasons I recommend you have a LinkedIn Profile Picture:

  1. Your Profile will get more and longer views if you have a LinkedIn Profile Picture. 
  2. By having a LinkedIn Profile Picture you are showing the viewer that you are approachable.
  3. Having a LinkedIn Profile Picture helps the viewer identify the correct profile.
  4. A bold & proud LinkedIn Profile Picture leaves a lasting first impression.

The other question I get is,

“Can I use my Company Logo for my LinkedIn Profile Picture?”

Another unequivocal “No!”

Here are the top 10 best practices for choosing a LinkedIn Profile Picture:

  1. It must be a image of your head shot. This would be your smiling face.
  2. Use an image size of 500×500 and at least 70dpi for best results.
  3. It should only be an image of you, no one else in the picture.
  4. Take the picture with light in your face (no squinting light).
  5. It can not be your Company Logo. Maybe it’s behind you, but not a picture of your logo.
  6. No pets or girl friends. Do I need to repeat myself? No Pets or girl friends!
  7. You do not have to hire a professional photographer. You can, but you don’t have to.
  8. Consider some color in your image. Bright clothes, colorful background.
  9. Drop the idea of adding neon, highlights or photoshop glamour to your image
  10. No bathroom selfies. Do I need to repeat myself? No bathroom selfies!
  11. Bonus Best Practice – Smile. A smile is worth a million words.

LinkedIn Profile Picture  Good Examples:

Here are 6 LinkedIn Profile Pictures that I consider well done:

LinkedIn Profile Picture Bad Examples

Here are some examples of LinkedIn Profiles who have not made good choices on their LinkedIn Profile Picture

You need to have a LinkedIn Profile Picture. It’s important. Make it a good picture.

Let me know your thoughts on your LinkedIn Profile Picture.

I love to help people get the greatest value from their use of LinkedIn.

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