Linkedin Profile Coaching

“Coaching is the investment we make to help us move from “we know” to “we do”. ~ @TLBurriss

“Teddy Burriss is the “guru” of LinkedIn and an excellent coach who gives you lots of valuable advice about your particular background and how to best market yourself on LinkedIn.“ Mary Onorato, Senior Career Consultant

In one month of working with Teddy, you’ll learn to use LinkedIn differently than you do now and you’ll begin to achieve your professional and personal goals using LinkedIn.

You’ll learn how to build a Presence, Network and Reputation so strong on LinkedIn that your phone rings often with real opportunities.

In one month of customized 1:1 Coaching with Teddy Burriss, you’ll learn:

  • How to present Who Am I and How I help my Most Important Viewer on LinkedIn
  • How to build a Bold & Proud LinkedIn Profile Presence
  • How to build and continually grow a relevant LinkedIn Network
  • How to build a powerful, trusting and respected Reputation on LinkedIn

Can you imagine never cold-calling again?

Really, you can do this once you begin using LinkedIn effectively as a business tool, consistently following Teddy’s best practices, experiences and research.

“It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Teddy to others who are experiencing difficulties in networking, or are having difficulties presenting their LinkedIn profiles professionally. Teddy’s professional expertise, knowledge, understanding, compassion, advice, creativity, humor, and guidance made my experience a welcomed one. His verbal input, follow-up email, written correspondence and his processes were easy to follow and I accomplished what I needed to accomplish.” Marge Anderson, Highly Skilled Facilities Coordinator

Everything Teddy does on LinkedIn focuses on his Purpose and Goals. He can help you do the same thing and by doing so, become more successful in your business.

Teddy’s style of coaching is friendly, targeted, and includes a dash of accountability to keep you moving towards your goals.

Who is Teddy Burriss?

Teddy Burriss is a LinkedIn expert, social media consultant, columnist, speaker and author who teaches professionals how to maximize their professional potential with LinkedIn. He’s used LinkedIn as a business tool for over 10 years and he knows what works (and what doesn’t) when using LinkedIn to develop business relationships and results. He’s published two successful books: Networking for Mutual Benefit and Success Using Social Media. He also regularly contributes to the online education of individuals on LinkedIn and his articles have been featured in USA Today College and News & Record.

“Teddy has coached me on changes to my LinkedIn Profile and other areas of LinkedIn. His sole interest or purpose is to train you how to grow your business. He not only coaches and teaches you the do’s and do not’s of LinkedIn but how to be LinkedIn savvy. His classes, training and coaching methods are fun and interesting. If you need help in this area, Teddy is the man to call. It will be worth every bit of your time.” Minnie Aikens, Certified Concierge Specialist 

One month (Four – 1:1 focused sessions) is far more worthwhile than any book you can buy on how to use LinkedIn.

“Teddy has taken the concept of networking for mutual benefit to a new level. The traditional methods of networking have become antiquated and are not effective. In Teddy’s strategy and teaching, he focuses on both the personal as well as the technology. That includes the requirement of having conversations with as many relevant people as you can find in your search in addition to leveraging the technology of social media to not only stay in touch with your contacts but to also position yourself or your organization for maximum benefit. Teddy’s methods are not only logical, they actually work!” Michael Keith, Executive

Are you ready to get competitive, successful and noticed on LinkedIn, ready to stop cold calling and become more successful using this business tool?

For your investment of $500 (one month commitment), you’ll receive a weekly coaching session using Skype, WebEx, Zoom, Telephone or in real life (travel permitting).

During these sessions we will coach you through the steps needed to build a Professional LinkedIn Profile, begin building a meaningful LinkedIn Network and begin building a Professional Reputation based on how you use LinkedIn.

Just click below to reserve your space and lets get started with your first session.

Need more?

How about a guarantee. After Teddy’s coaching sessions and if you do what we agree you need to do, if you do not get value using LinkedIn, Teddy will refund your hard earned money.

“Teddy is an outgoing lively and enthusiastic communicator with the ability to motivate his students to purposefully collaborate, and contribute to others through social media.Teddy’s sense of humor along with his creative style of teaching has enabled me to have confidence in building my own personal/ business profile to be Transparent, Relevant, Useful, Honest, and Engaging. (TRUHE). I would highly recommend taking any of the classes offered with Teddy Burriss. You will be inspired! “Veronica Beddick, Director of Sales at the Holiday Inn Greensboro Coliseum

Notice – This is a commitment of 4 sessions. No refunds and you must complete this commitment within 2 months of signing up.

Guarantee – If you complete the entire program within the 2 month time frame and complete the work that is expected of you, and you do not agree you received value from our time together, we will refund your entire fee.