LinkedIn Networking – Broad and Diverse

Network on LinkedIn broad and diversely. You never know who you may connect with and how they can help you.

I wrote an article on LinkedIn a few days ago after one of my students said to me, “I won’t accept an invite from anyone I don’t know because I have no idea how they can help me.” My reply was simple, “Yes, that’s exactly the point. You never know.”

Here is the link to the Article – That’s the Point – You never know what a connection can do for you

After I published the article another interesting thing happened.

I had sent out a set of LinkedIn Messages to some of my connections in the United Kingdom and I’ve started to get responses back to these messages. I have now had three conversations with business professionals in the UK who are interested in the work I do. Beyond the potential business, the conversations have been very enjoyable. You never know how a connection can help you.

I also called a local sportswriter from his phone number listed on the newspaper he writes for. This guy does not know me from Adam’s house cat, however, he called me back and we talked. My purpose was to introduce a young college graduate to him for a conversation about writing sports news for local newspapers. The sportswriter jumped at the opportunity to help the young man. He gave me his cell phone number to pass on to him. Again, this sportswriter does not know me, but because I made the conversation all about helping someone one else, the conversation was enjoyable and successful. Later that day he sent me a Facebook Friend request. I accepted and wrote on his wall, “Thanks for a great conversation today.” His reply, “Thanks for taking my call today Teddy.” You never how even a new connection will work out.

I share this with you all because I want you to think this way;

Connect Broadly and Diversely.

Engage with  your LinkedIn Network

Help them where you can.

You never know how the connection can turn out.


Business News – I am excited to announce I have completed developing the 2017 series of LinkedIn training videos – Using LinkedIn as a Business Tool.

I have packaged the videos with the three ebooks which have been updated to the newest release of LinkedIn. You can get the set of videos on USB Flash Drive or via YouTube Private Playlist.

If you want this series of videos and the ebooks, visit this link – Using LinkedIn as a Business Tool

Have a great weekend and remember – Network Broad & Diverse.

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