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LinkedIn Analytics – updated

There are many ways to use LinkedIn Analytics to measure how you are doing with your LinkedIn presence, network and reputation.

I love LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics are nothing like Google Analytics, however they are insightful and interesting.

Used correctly this set of 7 different analytical tools can help you stay focused and grow your online Presence, Network and Reputation.

Here is the list of Analytic tools that I currently use to measure my performance using LinkedIn

#1 – Does the phone ring or messages show up from LinkedIn members looking for my help? This is the most important measure of success using LinkedIn.

#2 – Who has Viewed my Profile – Don’t just look at the people, use the Title and Industry Analytical information.

#3 – Viewers of Your Posts – Again, look at the analytic information of Industries, Titles, Locations and Traffic Sources.

#4 – LinkedIn Social Selling Index – Don’t just look at the overall Index #. Review the break down of brand, network, insights and relationship. Each of these individual measures require work in order for you to be perceived as the authority you are in your industry and network(s).

#6 – Google Search – I hope this results in Teddy Burriss as either the #1 result or at least on the first page. Where does your LinkedIn Profile show up when you search for your keywords and region? If you are not where you want to be, then you likely have work to do on your LinkedIn Profile.

#7 – – Copy and paste all of the text from your LinkedIn Profile into (use FireFox browser) and build a Word Cloud of your LinkedIn Profile. What shows up the most/largest? If your primary Keywords are not the largest, you have work to do on your LinkedIn Profile. If they do, congratulations, your profile is build well, if these are the words your prospects are searching for.

I created a YouTube Video of this process. Watch it and then begin to use LinkedIn Analytics to measure how well you are doing using LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics ROCK

If I can help you in any way to measure your LinkedIn performance, and to help you grow your business using LinkedIn, let’s talk  – or 336-283-6121



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Thanks Teddy, it was not apparent how to take the analytical data then mine for strategic results. I will take theses points to task and see what a different result can be achieved.

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