Just Because You Can, Does Not Mean You Should

Often LinkedIn gets abused because members decide that Because they Can, they Will.  This happens in life as well. Do a Google search for ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’ and the images confirm this statement. (Some images are rated Mature or even”X”.

Using LinkedIn inappropriately can put your account at risk of being Terminated.

If you invest a lot of time building your LinkedIn Presence, LinkedIn Network and LinkedIn Reputation, imagine having your account terminated because you wanted to ‘cheat’ the system, just because you could.

Furthermore, using LinkedIn inappropriately can have a negative impact on the relationships you are developing in your LinkedIn Network. Imagine be ‘outed’ as someone who intentionally mis-used the system for selfish personal and/or professional gain, just because you could.

I personally believe my reputation is critical to me in my journey to build my business and create revenue. I make mistakes, I know this and when I do I admit to them. However, I would never intentionally use LinkedIn inappropriately, just because I can, if the act could have a negative impact on my LinkedIn Presence, Network and/or Reputation.

There are 4 inappropriate practices on LinkedIn that many members do, just because they can:

#1 – Inviting LinkedIn Members to connect, despite the fact they do not know you and may not be relevant to you in any way.

Strive to never send a LinkedIn Invite to a member who does not know you. Find a way for them to know you before you send the invite. This is easy to do and once the member knows you in some way, they are more likely to accept your invite, and even be interested in you.

#2 – Sending bulk LinkedIn messages to members promoting products/services that may be irrelevant to those members.

Never send irrelevant promotional messages to LinkedIn members. This is nothing more than LinkedIn Spam. Be deliberate and focused with your promotional messages. Furthermore, get permission first and your message is more likely to be accepted and maybe appreciated.

#3 – Export Your LinkedIn Connections and add them to your lists outside of LinkedIn.

Get permission to add your LinkedIn connections to your marketing lists. Permission is not only the ‘legal’ thing to do, it’s also the best practice and polite thing to do. There are easy ways to get permission if you are willing to put in the effort.

#4 – Use 3rd Party Apps that violate the LinkedIn TOS. There are numerous apps out there that scrap content from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s TOS are designed to protect our content, our contact info and our privacy within LinkedIn. When you use these non-compliant applications you are putting your LinkedIn account at risk of being terminated.

These are only four of the mistakes I see people doing every single day on LinkedIn. I know there are dozens of others. I am using these as examples of the mistakes many members intentionally make every day.

Use these tips to help you avoid these mistakes:

#1 – If you are not sure it’s appropriate, ask. Likely if you have to ask, it’s not appropriate.

#2 – Seeing someone else do it, does not make it appropriate. Go to tip #1

#3 – How would you feel if someone treated you this way on LinkedIn? If you wouldn’t like it, don’t do it to others.

#4 – If you plan to do it, hoping you don’t get caught, don’t do it.

Just because you can ‘beat the system’ is not a good excuse for some of the things we do in life, including when using LinkedIn.

If you are not sure who to ask about a specific LinkedIn practice, reach out to me. If I don’t know the answer I promise you I know someone who does.

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Original Article published on LinkedIn – 9/26/15

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