Is your LinkedIn Profile Discoverable

Your LinkedIn Profile will be of more use to you if it’s discoverable in LinkedIn and/or Google Searches.

Is your LinkedIn Profile Discoverable?

One of the big value points of LinkedIn is the ability to be discovered as a professional and/or expert in your role working for your company.

You can test how discoverable you and your company are in a Google or LinkedIn search by using a few simple tools:
#1 – Do a Word Cloud of your key employees LinkedIn Profiles.
This is a good graphical representation of the most used words in their profiles.
Copy all of the text (& images) from your LinkedIn Profile, go to (I recommend using IE or FireFox), Hit Create, Paste your text and follow the instructions in the program.
Are the biggest words in this word cloud also your most important keywords?
#2 – Do a Google Search for your Primary keywords. Does your LinkedIn profile show up in the search results? Top of Page 1, on Page 1, Page 2 or Page 3.
#3 – Do a LinkedIn Search for your Primary keywords and region. Again, the hope is that your LinkedIn Profile will show up in this search, hopefully at or  near the top of page 1.
There are a few things that we can all do that will enhance the opportunity of our LinkedIn Profile being discovered in a Google or LinkedIn Search.
  • Continue to build out our LinkedIn profiles with the more useful and informative text using our primary keywords in the text (Headline, Summary, Experience, Skills, Recommendations, Advice for Contacting me, etc).
  • Continue to grow your LinkedIn Network with people who are relevant to your industry and business and/or career goal.
  • Engage periodically on relevant content, with relevant 3rd party content and possibly with original content, again relevant to who you are and what you do.
Big note – A great profile by itself will not create real business value. It’s the sum of all three activities, (Presence, Network and Engagement) that affects the search engine ‘bots’.
We all can play a role in being discovered for who we are and what we do and for helping our company be discovered as well. It takes a continuous effort and a little time but the rewards are we become positioned above and better than our competition because our LinkedIn Profile is highly discoverable.

Is your LinkedIn Profile Discoverable?

Work on your LinkedIn Profile to get it discovered.
If I can help you and/or your company in any way with getting better results using LinkedIn as a business tool, please let me know.

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