Interesting LinkedIn Profile URLS

Don’t make a mistake building your LinkedIn Profile or choose the wrong LinkedIn Profile Custom URL. Browse these URLs and be grateful you made the right choices.

Interesting LinkedIn Profile URLS

If you don’t want to be like these profiles, consider getting help to be sure you have built your LinkedIn Profile Public Profile URL correctly.

I will add more examples to this file as I find other interesting LinkedIn Profile URLs.

What do you think of these examples:

MF  –

Russell Clarke –

Jacobs Donkey Shivute –

NoName –

NoName –

Andrei Borodko –

VP-Sales-USA Dirtball® –

Robert Turbyfill –

Stacey Dominguez –

Kelvin (Kelvin) Hu –

Dean Lucas –

Nuutti Kotivuori –

Pe Nis –

David Reid –

谭平奇 (阿包) –

Jitse Groen –

Jonathan Suchland –

Вася Пупкин –

Claus Santa –

Ashish Sharma –

Linda Patton –

Matheus Carvalho –

Andy Davies –

Gabriella (Bella) Grandi –

Ed Kent –

Mary A. Edwards –

Arvin Singh –

Greg Tumolo –

Darian A. –

Rajesh Rai –

Rick Kennedy –

Neil Pavitt –

Muhammad Ali Shah –

Ernie Cheng –


Yue Zhao –

Sameer Singh –

Flash Light –

Honey Guzman –


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