If you build it they will come – NOT

LinkedIn value occurs when you do the Trifecta – Present, Connect & Engage. Build it and they will come only works in the movies

LinkedIn value does not come easy. It takes work

I talked with a client a few days ago and she told me that she was giving up on LinkedIn.

I asked her to tell me why. Her reply, I am not getting any business from LinkedIn.

I did a quick review and figured out why.

Yes, she had a fairly nice LinkedIn Profile. I coached her on how to build it a few months ago. She had more work to do to her profile, but it at least was not bad.

Where she was missing out was on the next two important steps of social media.

She was not connecting – Her LinkedIn network was still only about 200 people. It had not grown at all in the past few months.

She was not engaging – There was no new posts, comments or even a like in her LinkedIn activity.

I explained to her that you can not “Build it and they will come.” This only works in the movies.

I gave a little more coaching about how to connect and engage. We agreed to meet early in the new year (2015) and I would coach her more deliberately on how to Connect and Engage.

This conversation reminded me that often we think that hanging out a pretty slate (profile) is the way we use social media. However, we need to remember to Connectd & Engage in order to truly get value out of our investment into LinkedIn and other social media tools.

Here is the video I created for her with the same message about LinkedIn Value.

¬†LinkedIn Value – it’s up to you to make it happen by learning how to Present, Connect & Engage.

If you are wanting to get more value out of your LinkedIn, let’s talk¬† – or 336-283-6121

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