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I don’t wear out my keyboard as fast.

I love using Text Expander. It is one of my most important business tools.

I was totally blown away at the results of my last Text Expander report

In the past 3 months, I have saved over 20 hours of time, at a typing rate of 60 words per minute. And this does not include the amount of time I save not misspelling my website URL, email address, and dozens of other phrases I have created Text Expander snippets for.

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I have been using Text Expander since prior to 2015 and now have it on my laptop, desktop, iPad, and iPhone. I love it when I hit a snippet that saves me lots of time.

One tip I have for using Text Expander is – I write short email scripts in it and when I am messaging dozens of people with the same message all I have to do is type in the snippet, fill in their name and their company name, and the rest is automatically typed for me. I can’t imagine using copy/paste dozens of times and hoping to remember to change the name and company name text each time.

If you do a lot of keyboard work I encourage you to check out Text Expander.

BTW – this offer directly from Text Expander allows me to get you a 20% discount off the 1st year subscription.

I hope you take advantage of this really useful business tool


Reminder – I am an affiliate for Text Expander. I get compensated for sharing this message, although I am only an affiliate of products I use and totally recommend.

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