How often should I engage on LinkedIn?

Decide how much time you should invest engaging and sharing on LinkedIn and stick to it to create real value using LinkedIn as a business tool

I get asked this question often and thought today would be a good day to answer this question here.

There is no single answer that fits everyone and/or every business or industry.

Typically my general answer is this:

Figure out the amount of time you can commit to engaging and sharing content on LinkedIn and stick to it. If you can’t sustain the activities, adjust your commitment and keep going. @TLBurriss

The magic of social engagement is sustaining the level of activity you decide to do for you.

A minimum amount I often encourage people to consider is 1 post and 1 comment on a relevant post each week. When you get good at navigating LinkedIn you’ll find this to be very easy to execute on and thus easy to sustain.

Once you get into this ‘groove’, take a look at these KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

  • LinkedIn Profile Views.
  • Groth of your LinkedIn Network (with relevant connections).
  • Post engagement #s.
  • Phone calls, emails and/or LinkedIn Messages to discuss business.

You should never share and/or engage on LinkedIn just to do it. We have to have a purpose and goal for our actions. For me, my purpose is to develop my brand, drive profile views and ultimately get into conversations about business.

I’ve discovered that ramping up my activity of Engaging and sharing has a direct result on my brand development, profile views, and the ‘phone calls’. I do far more than most people, however LinkedIn is my home and business focus.

How much time are you investing in your LinkedIn engagement and posting? Is it creating value for you? Should you consider adjusting your investment of time and maybe the content type (a conversation for another day)

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