How Many LinkedIn Connections Do They Have

Knowing how many LinkedIn Connections someone has can help you make a decision to connect or not. We explore ways to find out exactly, how many LinkedIn Connections do they have.

LinkedIn Connections – how many do they have?

We see this image all the time on LinkedIn. It’s almost as well known as LinkedIn’s Logo. The problem is, it has become nearly irrelevant. A year ago Cheryl Conner wrote a Forbes article stating that 41% of LinkedIn Members have 500+ connections.

Early this year the Small Business Deacon shared another 2014 survey that indicates 40+% LinkedIn members have 500+ connections.

I have to surmise that now, in the middle of 2015 nearly 50% of LinkedIn members have 500+ connections. Therefore, what the heck does 500+ really say? Not much.

Why is this important you may ask? Because knowing which of your LinkedIn connections are highly connected individuals helps you to figure out who may be able to help you further connect.

I loved the old Your LinkedIn Network statistics. This information gave me the encouragement to keep growing my LinkedIn Network. However, like lots of other useful information on LinkedIn, this too has gone away.

Now not only is it difficult to know exactly how many connections you have, knowing how many connections your 1st level connections have is also kind of hidden as well.

To find out how many LinkedIn Connections you have you need to go to My Network. This is the most accurate report of the number of connections you have.

There is another number, Number of Followers. You can find this number under your Recent Activity:


The ability to see your LinkedIn Connection’s connections is getting more difficult and less accurate. Users can hide this information, even how many shared connections is difficult to determine some times

However, I encourage users not to get so caught up in the numbers. Spend more time and energy growing your own network and building relationships. The numbers are not controllable by you. The relationships are.

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