Hiding LinkedIn Member Content

Hiding LinkedIn Member Content or Removing LinkedIn Connections helps keep your Newsfeed Useful and Relevant

Hiding LinkedIn Member Content

There are two ways to remove LinkedIn Member’s Content from your LinkedIn Newsfeed

Process 1 – Hide the LinkedIn Member’s Content

From the Newsfeed, find the LinkedIn member’s most recent content

Click the three dots (…) to the far right of the newsfeed on the same line as the member name.


You have the option to Hide this Post or Unfollow the LinkedIn Member all together.  You can also Report this Post to LinkedIn.

Process # 2 – Remove a LinkedIn Connection

Periodically a LinkedIn Member needs to be removed. We each have our own criteria for this needing to be necessary. Useless information, rude, disrespectful, obnoxious, spammy, overselling, etc are words that come into mind as I evaluate Removing a LinkedIn Connection.

You remove a Connection from their profile page hidden behind the More button.

Note – currently (9/2018) there is no confirmation upon removing a LinkedIn Connection. It’s one click and done.

Here is a video I created to show the steps for

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