Google Workspace

Google Workspace for Business

Google Workspace are Business tools and we want to help you with these tools similar to how we help you with LinkedIn as a Business Tool.

Are you one of the over 1.5 Billion Google Workspace / Gmail Users?

I have been a Google Workspace user since 2011.

I have been a Gmail user since 2005.

My company uses Google Workspace for lots of important business processes:

  • Google Calendar – we live and die by our calendar and have it integrated with other tools.
  • Google Email – We have 5 email accounts in our business and have developed automated forwarding of messages to the appropriate member of the team
  • Google Drive – we have folders and business-relevant files shared internally as well as externally with business partners and clients.
  • Google Contacts – we manage all of our business and even personal contacts in Google Contacts.
  • Google Forms – we have developed client onboarding forms and data collection forms that are vital to our business.
  • Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Alerts, Google Photos, Google My Business, and of course Google Search. & YouTube.

Why do I share this with you? Because we consider Google Workspace an important business tool and we want others to get the value from these tools that we get.

Now we have created a new division for Burriss Consulting, Inc.

We have built a YouTube Channel focused on how to use Google Workspace & Gmail as business tools.

We are getting most of the questions we answer on the YouTube channel from Quora. However, if you are a Google Workspace or Gmail user, I want to get your questions.

Please message us at and ask any question about Google Workspace or Gmail. We will work to answer them via a YouTube video and share the answers with you.

Yes, we will keep sharing ideas, tips, tricks, and best practices on using LinkedIn as a Business Tool. If you did not know it, we have a YouTube Channel focused on this topic as well.

Thanks for letting me share this with you today.


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