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We created a new division of Burriss Consulting, Inc. Google WorkSpace and Gmail Training & Coaching

You know I am your LinkedIn Strategist, Trainer & Coach. I have been doing this work since 2009 and I continue to do this work with no hesitation. Using LinkedIn as a Business Tool is important for all of us who are in business development and client relations roles.

However, I have the bandwidth to build another division of Burriss Consulting, Inc in an effort to help business professionals in other ways.

I have started a division providing Strategy, Training & Coaching on using Google Workspace and Gmail as business tools.

Google Workspace and even to some degree Gmail, are powerful business tools. Most users only get a fraction of the value from their accounts, mostly just using the email and maybe the contacts features.

As with LinkedIn, since 2009 I have been using Google Workspace and today I run my entire business through Google Workspace using these Google Tools:

  • Email – Totally turned off MS Outlook.
  • Contacts – I have over 5000 live contacts today.
  • Calendar – I live by my calendar and have it integrated with Calendly, Zoom & even PayPal.
  • Drive – I collaborate with my business partners with shared folders.
  • Docs – No more MS Word as I have written 5 ebooks and all of my classes in Docs.
  • Sheets – No more Excel and I have numeorus collaborative sheets I use every day.
  • Forms – I collect client and podcast show data automatically.
  • Slides – No more Prezi or PowerPoint. And, I loved Prezi, but Google Slides is all I need.
  • Google Alerts – I track when my name shows up and it helps me uncover copyright violations of my content.
  • Google Trends – This is a powerful marketing tool.
  • Google Analytics – I use this to monitor my online content analytics
  • Google Chrome – it’s far more than just a web browser.
  • Google Groups – I have a set of Groups for the organizations I work with.
  • Google Photos – I backup my iphone photos here. A great sharing format.
  • Google YouTube – Is the #2 Search site on the internet. I now have 3 channels.

I have started a YouTube Channel on this topic.

I offer two things for you:

#1 – Visit the channel and if you are a Google Workspace or Gmail user, Subscribe to get the instructions I share to the Channel.

#2 – Message me any way you want and ask me any Google Workspace or Gmail questions. I will answer it for you, often with a video.

Thanks for letting me share this with you today.


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