Do you have a Strategy using LinkedIn?

Having a Goal and a Strategy using LinkedIn is critical for you to get value using LinkedIn and to achieve your business goals. Do you have a clear and concise Goal and Strategy

What is your Strategy using LinkedIn?

Sound strategy starts with having the right goal. – Michael Porter
What is your goal using LinkedIn? What is your Strategy using LinkedIn?

As with anything in life, if your goals are misaligned and you don’t properly execute a Strategy, the true success you are in search of never happens. This holds true with our use of LinkedIn as well.
In my business I have high level business goals. They are supported by what I refer to as stepping stone goals with related plans.
One of these stepping stone goals is
“Develop a thriving business based on training and coaching the best practices of social media to business professionals.”
In order to achieve this goal my Strategy using LinkedIn is basically this:
“Present myself as the LinkedIn Pro and Ultimate Knowledge Source, Grow my Network(s) of relevant LinkedIn Members and to Engage in a meaningful way to stay top of mind as a trusted resource.”
I strive every day to execute the appropriate tactical steps on LinkedIn needed to for this Strategy to be successful.
Here are my primary LinkedIn tactical steps:
Step 1 – Present myself appropriately on LinkedIn
Many LinkedIn members believe this is means to build a LinkedIn Profile. I have proven that building it is only the first step. Presenting myself appropriately on LinkedIn requires:
  • Review the words and content on my Profile
  • Test Keyword strength
  • Add new and relevant content
  • Remove old and less relevant content
  • Test keyword strength
  • Review focus of my profile (does it speak to the viewer)
  • Acquire recommendations
  • Ask my network “Who do you think I am?”
  • Adjust profile based on what they say.
  • Test Keyword strength
This is a continuous process and has proven to be very beneficial to me and my business
Step 2 – Grow my LinkedIn Network with Relevant Members
Years ago a friend of mine thought this meant accept every LinkedIn invite. He did so, eventually building a 1st level Network of 15,000+. One day he realized, his LinkedIn Network was totally irrelevant to him. The majority of the people he was connected with wanted him as a target. They did not care about him or his goals. He spent the next three months removing connections. He now has 1,500(+/-) people in his LinkedIn Network and believes they truly care about him.
My LinkedIn Strategy is slightly different. I accept invites when I see relevance between me and the person inviting me to connect. If I can’t see it from their message or profile, I will ask. And, Relevance is a broad term involving life, not just business. Relevance is importance. If my network is not relevant to me, they are less likely to be interested in my conversations, let alone my business.
This also must be a continual process. I send out no more than a dozen new invites each week and accept a similar number of relevant new invites. I know this process is beneficial to my business because I regularly get business from one of my LinkedIn members.
Step 3 – Engage with my LinkedIn Network with Focused and Relevant Content
I know from personal and professional experiences that all of my success in life starts with a conversation. Therefore I know that in order for my use of LinkedIn to support my goals, I’ll need to get into conversations, and more importantly, relevant conversations.
The conversations that create the greatest value for my business are conversations important to my network and relevant to what I do.
Dale Carnegie Principle #8, “Talk in terms of the other person’s interest.”
I.e conversations relevant to LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, etc, etc and important to my network are my primary target conversations.
Furthermore, I know that my goals are achievable when I break the conversations down into two deliberate types. Conversations that I start and Conversations I jump into when possible. I call this Contribute & Collaborate. Another important philosophy I have with regards to Engaging is that Everything I contribute must be TRUHE. (Transparent, Relevant, Useful, Honest, Engaging/Exciting/Educational/Entertaining)
I get emails, LinkedIn messages and phone calls at least weekly from individuals and businesses who want to hire me for my expertise. I know that Engaging with my Network with focused content is one of the keys behind this success.
One of my stepping stone Business Goals is fairly specific, “Develop a thriving business based on training and coaching the best practices of social media to business professionals.” I am achieving this goal in part because I am working my Strategic Plan of using LinkedIn to Present my self appropriately, Grow my Network of Relevant connections and Engage with my Network with focused and relevant content.

My Strategy using LinkedIn is working.

Do you have your business goals clearly in your mind and written down in front of you?
Do you have your Strategy using LinkedIn clear and documented?
Are you getting the value you want from LinkedIn or your other social media tools?

Do you have a Strategy using LinkedIn?

If not, maybe we need to talk.

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Hi Teddy
This was a great article for me. I would like to hire your services to help me create a LinkedIn strategy. I do not have room in my budget to purchase this service from you currently but maybe we can plan for the future. Thank you for this great solution for my business!

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