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Free Courses

I have been spending the past few months updating my courses on Udemy, Illumeo, Skillshare, LearnDesk, LearnFormula and numerous other retail sites.

To do this I produce a preliminary course just to practice doing the videos. Rather than delete these preliminary courses, I decided to publish them on YouTube for your Free use.

Here are the YouTube videos of these Courses:

Please let me know if you found any problems or mistakes with these videos. Also, let me know if you used them.

I will add a few more courses to this list over the next few months.

I hope you enjoy them.

Teddy Burriss in Public

Teddy Burriss on Travis Huff Podcast

Thanks to Travis Huff and the Real Radio Show for having on the show a few months ago.

Teddy Burriss in Public

Salem College Womens Conference

I enjoyed meeting all of the great folks at this year’s Salem College Center for Women in Business Women’s Conference this November 8, 2014.