Google Workspace

Google Workspace for Business

Are you one of the over 1.5 Billion Google Workspace / Gmail Users?

I have been a Google Workspace user since 2011.

I have been a Gmail user since 2005.

My company uses Google Workspace for lots of important business processes:

  • Google Calendar – we live and die by our calendar and have it integrated with other tools.
  • Google Email – We have 5 email accounts in our business and have developed automated forwarding of messages to the appropriate member of the team
  • Google Drive – we have folders and business-relevant files shared internally as well as externally with business partners and clients.
  • Google Contacts – we manage all of our business and even personal contacts in Google Contacts.
  • Google Forms – we have developed client onboarding forms and data collection forms that are vital to our business.
  • Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Alerts, Google Photos, Google My Business, and of course Google Search. & YouTube.

Why do I share this with you? Because we consider Google Workspace an important business tool and we want others to get the value from these tools that we get.

Now we have created a new division for Burriss Consulting, Inc.

We have built a YouTube Channel focused on how to use Google Workspace & Gmail as business tools.

We are getting most of the questions we answer on the YouTube channel from Quora. However, if you are a Google Workspace or Gmail user, I want to get your questions.

Please message us at and ask any question about Google Workspace or Gmail. We will work to answer them via a YouTube video and share the answers with you.

Yes, we will keep sharing ideas, tips, tricks, and best practices on using LinkedIn as a Business Tool. If you did not know it, we have a YouTube Channel focused on this topic as well.

Thanks for letting me share this with you today.


Google Workspace

New Division

You know I am your LinkedIn Strategist, Trainer & Coach. I have been doing this work since 2009 and I continue to do this work with no hesitation. Using LinkedIn as a Business Tool is important for all of us who are in business development and client relations roles.

However, I have the bandwidth to build another division of Burriss Consulting, Inc in an effort to help business professionals in other ways.

I have started a division providing Strategy, Training & Coaching on using Google Workspace and Gmail as business tools.

Google Workspace and even to some degree Gmail, are powerful business tools. Most users only get a fraction of the value from their accounts, mostly just using the email and maybe the contacts features.

As with LinkedIn, since 2009 I have been using Google Workspace and today I run my entire business through Google Workspace using these Google Tools:

  • Email – Totally turned off MS Outlook.
  • Contacts – I have over 5000 live contacts today.
  • Calendar – I live by my calendar and have it integrated with Calendly, Zoom & even PayPal.
  • Drive – I collaborate with my business partners with shared folders.
  • Docs – No more MS Word as I have written 5 ebooks and all of my classes in Docs.
  • Sheets – No more Excel and I have numeorus collaborative sheets I use every day.
  • Forms – I collect client and podcast show data automatically.
  • Slides – No more Prezi or PowerPoint. And, I loved Prezi, but Google Slides is all I need.
  • Google Alerts – I track when my name shows up and it helps me uncover copyright violations of my content.
  • Google Trends – This is a powerful marketing tool.
  • Google Analytics – I use this to monitor my online content analytics
  • Google Chrome – it’s far more than just a web browser.
  • Google Groups – I have a set of Groups for the organizations I work with.
  • Google Photos – I backup my iphone photos here. A great sharing format.
  • Google YouTube – Is the #2 Search site on the internet. I now have 3 channels.

I have started a YouTube Channel on this topic.

I offer two things for you:

#1 – Visit the channel and if you are a Google Workspace or Gmail user, Subscribe to get the instructions I share to the Channel.

#2 – Message me any way you want and ask me any Google Workspace or Gmail questions. I will answer it for you, often with a video.

Thanks for letting me share this with you today.