Career Coaching

“Coaching is the investment we make to help us move from “we know” to “we do”. ~ @TLBurriss

“Teddy Burriss is the “make you think” of Career Coaching. The greatest value you’ll get by spending time with Teddy is an understanding of who you are, what you may want to do, and how to navigate the journey to achieve your career goals. I enjoyed my coaching time with Teddy and recommend it for anyone who wants to change their career path.“ Mary

Spend a month of conversations with Teddy and uncover ideas you have never imagined, people you can talk with about these ideas, and a better understanding of the tasks you will need to do in order to begin your new career journey.

Working with Teddy, you’ll learn how to dream, get into open conversations and pull all the ideas together into a plan you can begin executing in order to find a new job or an entirely new career path.

In this month of customized 1:1 Coaching sessions with Teddy Burriss, you’ll learn:

  • How uncover a new career journey and the best conversations to have along the way.
  • How to begin building your brand around your current career journey.
  • How to discover hidden opportunities that may be relevant to your career goals.
  • How to research industries, companies, people, and unique and interesting roles.
  • How to stay focused on your goals, the tasks you need to execute, and measuring your results.

Can you visualize yourself in a new and exciting career? If not, you need Teddy’s help.

Your next career step could be ‘so-so’, typical, or even boring. Or, it could be the greatest step ever towards something you really want to do.

Teddy’s style of coaching is friendly, targeted, and includes a deliberate dash of accountability to keep you moving towards your goals.

Who is Teddy Burriss?

One of Teddy’s skills is Career Coaching. Teddy studied the CPI career coaching program and worked as an outplacement coach in 2010. Teddy went on to study personal branding, networking, and social media as communications tools.

Teddy is also known as a LinkedIn expert, social media consultant, columnist, speaker, and author who teaches professionals how to maximize their professional potential using LinkedIn as a business tool. Teddy has used LinkedIn as a business tool for over 10 years and knows what works (and what doesn’t) when using LinkedIn during a career transition. He’s published two successful books: Networking for Mutual Benefit and Success Using Social Media.

This one-month Career Coaching program is more worthwhile than any book you can buy on job search.

Are you ready to get serious about your career transition? To build your plan, your process and turn job search into a business process.

For your investment of $700, you’ll receive:

  • Four weekly coaching sessions in the first month
  • All conversations recorded for your personal use.
  • All information documented in session notes.
  • Digital copies of Teddy’s books Networking for Mutual Benefit and Success Using Social Meda.
  • My Promise to listen to you and guide you towards your goals with empathy, support, encouragement, guidance, and belief in your success based on your efforts.

During these sessions, we will coach you through the steps needed to achieve your goals. Teddy will do the steps he promises to do and support you to do the tasks you need to do.

Just click below to reserve your space and lets get started with your first session.

Notice – This is a commitment of 4 sessions in one month. No refunds and you must commit to a session each week for the four weeks.