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Burriss Consulting, Inc. –  LinkedIn Strategy, Training, Coaching.

This letter serves as an introduction to our organization as we strive to make new connections in Indian markets.

Burriss Consulting, Inc, a Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States corporation established in 2010, focuses on strategy, training, coaching, and support of individuals and businesses who want to use LinkedIn as a business tool with more purpose and clarity focused on their goals.

We serve a broad segment of industries. The only segments we ‘normally’ do not work with are medical, general education (non-university)  and government agencies.

We serve a diverse population across many areas of business including sales, business development, marketing, leadership, recruiting, consulting, and talent development as examples.

We also enjoy working with trainers in different segments including sales, customer service, leadership, communications, and soft-skills training as examples.

Additionally, we enjoy working with University career placement groups to help students as they move into business.

We focus our programs around the strategy and best practices of:

  1. Building a highly focused LinkedIn Profile.
  2. Growing a highly meaningful LinkedIn Network.
  3. Engaging on LinkedIn in order to build a powerful business brand.
  4. Researching relevant information, companies, and individuals using LinkedIn or Sales Navigator Search tools.

We deliver our strategy, training and coaching services in person as well as using virtual tools such as Zoom, Skype, WebEx. 

Our clients routinely ask us to provide keynote presentations, corporate training programs, seminars, webinars, and coaching programs.

Our research has determined that the growth of using LinkedIn in India parallels or even surpasses the growth of the use of LinkedIn in the United States. This is one of the reasons we decided to work with the U.S. Department of Commerce / International Trade Administration to continue this research more focused on relevant organizations in India.

Our intention is to make connections where relevant and to engage in discussions to determine if there really is a need for LinkedIn Training and Coaching in India and if so, who we could have collaborative discussions regarding delivering our services into this market.

Please visit us online or contact us if you wish to start a conversation in this regard

Thank you

Teddy Burriss
President, Burriss Consulting, Inc.
Skype: TLBurriss
Phone: 336-283-6121
Email: TLBurriss@burrissconsulting.com

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