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Building an Profile

Do you have an profile? It’s a great place to list all of your public URLs, public contact information and professional bio. My profile gets 100’s of views a month and drives traffic to my content. You can use an profile as well. Profile


I have to admit, I truly do not understand why so many people view my Profile. However, they do. On average I am getting 150 views per month.

I like my profile. It is a great place to list all of my online sites. I have links to my LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and an RSS Feed for my business blog. I have my public contact information on my page as well.

Thus, I suggest you build an profile as well.

For those who want a little insight into how to do this, here is a short YouTube Video.

I hope this video is helpful to you as you build your profile.

I love my Profile

You’ll love your profile too.


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