What Content Types should I use on LinkedIn?

Deciding what types of content to use in our LinkedIn posts is often a big decision for most active LinkedIn engagers. We sometimes challenge ourselves with these hard to answer questions:

  1. Should I write blog posts?
  2. Should I create videos?
  3. Should I use images and/or infographics?
  4. Should I curate content from other sources?
  5. What about Documents on LinkedIn?
  6. Should I write posts as short stories or just a few sentences of compelling text?
  7. Should I experiment with LinkedIn Polls and Events?
  8. If I have LinkedIn Live, should I do regular events?
  9. Should I write LinkedIn Articles?
  10. Is it worthwhile to use LinkedIn Kudo Posts or Celebration Posts

These are all great questions. 
However, there is no best practices or standard answer to these questions.

I help my clients answer these questions with these ideas:

  1. The more diverse your LinkedIn Network is, the more diverse content types will appeal to across your entire network. There is no single content type that will appeal to your entire network.
  2. You should use different content types to deliver different types of messages. A simple image or text post could deliver a single thought for your network. Where a blog post, LinkedIn Article, or YouTube video could speak to multiple points around a single topic. There is no single content type for all conversations.
  3. Some LinkedIn members will spend time reading long posts. Some LinkedIn members do not want to invest more than a few minutes consuming your content.
  4. On some days you may have time to write a compelling blog post or create an impactful image. Yet, we often get busy and still want to ‘give’ our network something and simple post may be all we can do today.
  5. If you are not comfortable creating graphics, videos, blog posts, or LinkedIn Articles, then don’t lead with them as a primary content type. Be good at what you are good at. However, maybe try your hands at doing something different that you could eventually see yourself doing. Idea – Curate or outsource creating the content types you are not comfortable doing.
  6. Here’s an interesting analogy. Sometimes the baby wants mushed peas. Sometimes the baby wants apple sauce and even ice cream. Feed the baby the food it wants and it’ll grow. Feed your network the content types it wants and your relationship will grow.

Regardless of what year it is content, focused on your target audience, will always be important. Find ways to curate or create diverse types of content and your LinkedIn Network will be appreciative.

Here is the YouTube video on this topic:

I love helping business professionals who want to use LinkedIn as a business tool. If I can help you and your sales team, let’s find a time to talk.



Special Invite to my Tribe

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.
This is one of my infrequent offers.
I am launching a new LinkedIn Support Group on September 1, 2020.
This will be a private group, hosted in a Facebook Educational Group.

It will be ‘slap-full‘ of content, ideas, engagement, bi-weekly webinars, and answers to any and all questions you ask me during a full Year.

I’ve designed this group to fit all types of LinkedIn users.

  • Business Developers
  • Business Owners
  • Job Seekers
  • Account Executives
  • College Graduates
  • Inside or Outside Sales Professionals
  • New Sales Professionals and Seasoned Sales Pros
  • Entrepreneurs, Startups, Solopreneurs
  • Public Speakers, and Coaches of all types
  • Anyone who wants to use LinkedIn as a business tool

If you have an interest in this 1-year long support idea take a look at the program.
I’m offering an early bird offer of 18 months for the price of 1 year.

If you have questions, please feel free to call or email me

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Master Webinar & Virtual Presentation Tools NOW!

As we try to figure out how to navigate through this pandemic (#COVID-19) virtual communication tools will become very important for us and our customers/prospects/clients, etc.

A few I believe may be very important to master include:

And, I’m sure there are many other options for remote/virtual communications tools we could be using during this pandemic.

What are you doing now to become familiar with these tools?

Have you researched what your clients/prospects etc are using?

I love using Zoom for my webinars and global conversations. I use Skype, Slack, Evernote & Google Docs every day. Many of my clients use these tools as well.

Virtual conversations through these tools is not new. They may be tools you have not considered or thought you needed.

Here is an offer. If you want to experiment with these tools, let me know. I will gladly help any business who wants to start experimenting and then using these tools.

I wish you all the best as you navigate this pandemic



How often should I engage on LinkedIn?

I get asked this question often and thought today would be a good day to answer this question here.

There is no single answer that fits everyone and/or every business or industry.

Typically my general answer is this:

Figure out the amount of time you can commit to engaging and sharing content on LinkedIn and stick to it. If you can’t sustain the activities, adjust your commitment and keep going. @TLBurriss

The magic of social engagement is sustaining the level of activity you decide to do for you.

A minimum amount I often encourage people to consider is 1 post and 1 comment on a relevant post each week. When you get good at navigating LinkedIn you’ll find this to be very easy to execute on and thus easy to sustain.

Once you get into this ‘groove’, take a look at these KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

  • LinkedIn Profile Views.
  • Groth of your LinkedIn Network (with relevant connections).
  • Post engagement #s.
  • Phone calls, emails and/or LinkedIn Messages to discuss business.

You should never share and/or engage on LinkedIn just to do it. We have to have a purpose and goal for our actions. For me, my purpose is to develop my brand, drive profile views and ultimately get into conversations about business.

I’ve discovered that ramping up my activity of Engaging and sharing has a direct result on my brand development, profile views, and the ‘phone calls’. I do far more than most people, however LinkedIn is my home and business focus.

How much time are you investing in your LinkedIn engagement and posting? Is it creating value for you? Should you consider adjusting your investment of time and maybe the content type (a conversation for another day)


2020 Word of the Year

I started using a word of the year back in 2013. Below are my previous year words:

  • 2019 – Wondering
  • 2018 – Action
  • 2017 – Gratitude
  • 2016 – Purpose
  • 2015 – Focus
  • 2014 – Deliberate
  • 2013 – #NoLimit

I remember making strides each year, in many cases because of my word of the year.

In 2013 I broke into new markets, 2014 I worked harder at new goals, 2015 I started ignoring the wrong stuff, 2016 I became even clearer at my business purpose, 2017 I added more volunteer activities to my calendar, 2018 I kept moving forward and in 2019 I started looking at new ideas for my business.

For 2020 I know I need a word that will help me keep up the focus, momentum, and activities. I’ve been pondering two words.

Amplify & Growth

As I pondered these two words a big difference came to mind.

Amplify provides for the opportunity to decline as with volume control.

Growth makes me think of the big Redwood trees in California.

Purchased Deposit Photos

Growth is what we all want, at least in our professional lives, careers, businesses, and our relationships. Growth of our investments would be a great thing as well.

I want my skills to grow.

I want my networks to grow.

I want my relationships to grow.

I want our business opportunities to grow.

I want our investments to grow.

I want our business to grow.

I think Growth is a great Mantra, ie Word of the Year for 2020.

What do you think? Do you have a word of the year that guides you in your steps?