August 2019 LinkedIn MasterMind

The last LinkedIn MasterMind Group of 2019 starts on August 1, 2019.

This group will go live once we get 15 people signed up.

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In the MasterMind Group, operating within a private Facebook Group, you will be able to:

  • Discover new ideas from your MasterMind leader in order to better use LinkedIn focused on your business and/or career goals.
  • Share ideas around the use of LinkedIn for business and/or career
  • Experience using LinkedIn via a weekly Zoom session where your MasterMind leader will demonstrate tactics for the group.
  • Ask each other questions and discover how LinkedIn has created value for others when used in unique ways.
  • Ask your MasterMind Leader questions through the Facebook Group messaging.
  • Be one of the first to hear of new features and functionality within LinkedIn.
  • Access to Teddy Burriss’ ebooks on using LinkedIn.

The Ultimate Goal of the MasterMind Group is for you to:

  • Learn to use LinkedIn as a business tool focused on your business and/or career goals.
  • Become efficient at using LinkedIn.
  • Build your LinkedIn Profile focused on your business or career goals.
  • Build your LinkedIn Network focused on your business or career goals.
  • Build a professional reputation through LinkedIn focused on your business or career goals.
  • Become a Professional LinkedIn Member

This MasterMind Group is designed around a private Facebook Group lead by Teddy Burriss, LinkedIn Coach & Trainer. Teddy will lead the Group for 3 Months, after which the MasterMind Group will continue as long as the Group members continue using the platform and engaging with each other. In order to start this group, we will need at least 15 members to register.

Your Investment into this MasterMind Group includes three important things:

  1. You need to show up in the Group at least 2 times per week to read new content, engage with your MasterMind Group and to learn new ideas.
  2. You need to share your ideas and questions with the Group. Engagement is how you will get the greatest rewards from being in this MasterMind Group
  3. $42.00 USD per month for 3 months (this will be my last MasterMind Group at this low rate.

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Don’t wait we have a limit on the number of members to each MasterMind Group. Don’t be left out.