7 Top LinkedIn Actions Needed to Create Value

Knowing the key steps to success is called progress. Now, go off and execute those steps consistently and effectively.


I get asked this question all the time, “How do I get value from my use of LinkedIn?”

So, I decided to create a blog post on the topic.

On LinkedIn (in general) you have to do 6 deliberate actions:

  1. Build a clear and concise LinkedIn Profile that shows Who you are and What you do.
  2. Build and keep growing a meaningful LinkedIn Network of people in your industry and beyond.
  3. Build a Professional Reputation based on the content you share and engage on, again relevant to you career or business goals.
  4. Engage with your network in open conversations, relevant to who you are and what you do.
  5. Learn how to Prospect for people in companies who you want to connect with and get into conversation with.
  6. Work to move past an online connection to an IRL (In real life) conversation.
  7. Use your network to get introduced to new connections relevant to your goals (career or business).

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