5-Day LinkedIn Profile Challenge

A LinkedIn Profile that fails to get viewed by the right people is a waste of space on the internet.

Does your LinkedIn Profile stand out in the Crowd?

Upcoming Challenge dates – 4/10/23 – 4/14/23

5 Day LinkedIn Profile Challenge
Let’s hope your LinkedIn Profile does not look like this.

Or another way to ask this question:

Does your LinkedIn Profile create real business or career value for you today?

If you can’t answer the following questions with yes, maybe your LinkedIn Profile needs improvements:

  1. Does your LinkedIn Profile get 1000+ LinkedIn Profile Views every 90 days?
  2. Are you getting Profile views from the right people?
  3. Does your LinkedIn Profile show up in 500+ LinkedIn Searches every week?
  4. Are you showing up in LinkedIn Searches by the right people?
  5. Does your LinkedIn Profile show up in a Google search for the words that are important to your target audience?

If you are not getting the views or conversations you strive for, one idea is to stop thinking resume and start thinking brochure.

I will help you turn your LinkedIn Profile into a powerful branding tool for you.

In this 5 day challenge, I will work with you for an hour each morning to develop the knowledge and philosophies you need to build your Professional LinkedIn Profile. (all sessions are recorded)

Then I will hold office hours in the afternoon to provide even more help to you directly.

The goal is by the end of the week for you to have created a Professional LinkedIn Profile that positions you ahead of the crowd.

You can do this if you focus on the goal that is important to your success.

Upcoming Challenge dates – 4/10/23 – 4/14/23

5 Day LinkedIn Profile Challenge

This program is not for everyone!

This is a big commitment. However, for those who are serious about using LinkedIn for business and/or career purposes, I promise you will have a beneficial Professional LinkedIn Profile when you follow the guidance I provide in through this 5-Day LinkedIn Profile Challenge.

High-level Agenda

Monday – Friday 10:00 AM EST for 1 hour – Zoom Meeting for <20 Participants rich in LinkedIn Profile Training.

Monday – Friday 2: PM EST for 1 hour – Teddy Burriss, LinkedIn Strategist, Trainer & Coach will hold Office Hours for the Participants who want more time.

All sessions will be recorded and sent to the Participants.

5 Day LinkedIn Profile Challenge

Detailed Agenda (discussion points)

Upcoming Challenge dates – 4/10/23 – 4/14/23

1 hour Sessions with lots of Q&A

10:00 AM EST

Day 1 (Monday)

Part A – Create clarity around your Target Audience & their influencers.

Part B – Your Headline & About Sections are where your brand starts.

Day 2 (Tuesday)

Part A – Your Work Experience & the related Fields are critical as well.

Part B – Use your Featured section, Skills, Recommendations & Publications to showcase your brand.

Day 3 (Wednesday)

Part A – Using Licenses & Certificates to demonstrate your relevant accolades, abilities & interests.

Part B – Show you care for others with your Volunteer, Organizations, and Projects sections.

Day 4 (Thursday)

Part A – Don’t ignore your Privacy, hide-n-seek setting, Creator Mode, and Contact Information

Part B – Using Imagery in your Profile Pic, Profile video, and Banner Image.

Day 5 (Friday)

Part A – If your Birth Month is an even # – we look at your LinkedIn Profile

Part B – If your Birth Month is an odd # – we look at your LinkedIn Profile

Afternoon Sessions

Each afternoon I will host office hours for open conversations with anyone who wants a little more help.

2:00 PM EST

Bonus offerings:

All sessions will be recorded for all registrants.

Upcoming Challenge dates – 4/10/23 – 4/14/23

5 Day LinkedIn Profile Challenge

I am committed to guiding everyone who wants more from their use of LinkedIn. This 5-Day LinkedIn Profile Challenge is a big step towards getting the value you want from using LinkedIn.

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5-Day LinkedIn Profile Challenge
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