5 Steps to Managing your Facebook Privacy Settings

You can lock down your Facebook Privacy Settings to protect you from being discovered, viewed or even engaged with on Facebook. Set your Facebook Privacy Settings so you are safe and comfortable on Facebook.

Facebook Privacy Settings are your responsibility.

It’s an important step in managing your Facebook Account and content.

Updated 9/21/18

Often I hear from people who don’t want to use Facebook as a personal social networking tool, yet they want to use it for their professional page. These individuals want to lock down their personal profiles so that they are never found on Facebook.

Before I show you how to lock down a personal profile by adjusting your Facebook Privacy Settings, let me share with you this business philosophy.

Use Facebook as a personal and professional social networking tool.

If you are actively involved in your business, involved and engaging with your prospects, customers, business partners and community, you will get far greater value with your Facebook Professional page if you share on it as the Page and engage on it as both the Page and yourself (personal profile).

Additionally, using Facebook to connect and engage in your community, with your business partners, customers and friends will be beneficial to your business and professional page network.

When you build your social (& in real life) networks, allowing your Friends & Family, Business & Career and Community groups to overlap, you will get far greater reward from and provide great value to your network(s). A thriving, growing, dynamic and mutually beneficial network is a powerful asset in life.

This said, I’ll show you how to manage your Facebook Privacy Settings on your Personal Facebook Profile.

Step 1 – Who can see my Stuff. You manage this with each post.

Use More and or See All Options for even more options for setting the privacy of each individual post.

Note – remember Friends includes your friends and their friends.

Step 2 – Who can see your Friends

Your Followers and Friends are an important asset in your life. Facebook can control who can see the people in these lists. Visit Manage Access to your Friends & Followers

Step 3 – Who can send me a Friend Request?

You can limit friend requests to only friends of your current friends. The only other option is Everyone.

Change your Friend Request settings here.

Step 4 – Manage getting tagged and allowing posts to your Timeline

Another privacy option relates to being tagged or letting your network post on your Facebook Timeline.

The most important option here is the notifications when you get tagged or someone posts on your timeline. Visit Timeline and Tagging to manage these settings.

Step 5 – Additional options for managing your privacy on Facebook.

As of 3/2015 these include:

Facebook Security Settings – This is where you control access to your account. Review it and apply the options that you want to use.

Blocking Apps, Invites, Events, Apps and Pages

Facebook Notifications – even though this is not a privacy item, it is important to manage FB Notifications.

Facebook Followers – If you like to use Facebook for the general public to see your content, you do not need to let everyone become a Facebook Friend. Followers can see all of you content and your content can show up in their own Facebook Newsfeed.

Facebook Applications – All over the internet, various websites and online applications like to connect to your Facebook account. This can be very useful, however it’s important to manage what applications do connect to your account. Delete any application that is no longer needed or trusted.

Facebook Privacy Settings

The best way to be safe and secure using Facebook is to be aware of the security settings you can use, the privacy settings of your Personal Profile and each post you make.

Please manage your Facebook Privacy Settings

Please let me know if you have any other questions about Facebook Privacy Settings and Security.

If you want help getting value out of your Facebook Professional Page, or any other business social media tool, reach out to me and let’s talk or 336-283-6121

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