10 Step Basic Blogging Process

My WordPress 10 Step Basic Blogging Process is a template that you can use to guide you in your own Blogging for Business work. Adjust this process to best fit your own use.

Basic Blogging Process

One of my clients asked me in a class, “What are the basic blogging steps of writing a blog post on WordPress.  Thus, here are my basic steps that I follow every single time I write a blog post:

  1. Outline the basic story in Evernote
  2. Decide what images I want to use in the post. I buy my images from
  3. Decide on the primary keywords I want to use in the Title, Heading1, Heading2, Heading3, overall content and Excerpt.
  4. Write the entire blog post. Insert the images in appropriate locations in the post.
  5. Select the appropriate Tags & Categories
  6. Add the Feature Image
  7. Write the Excerpt
  8. Decide on the Social Publicize choices.
  9. Preview the Post to verify format, grammar, layout
  10. Post or Schedule the Post to go Public.

My Basic Blogging Process as an example only

These is my basic blogging process that I use to write and publish a new blog post.

I suggest you adjust this basic blogging process to best suit your needs.

Create your own Basic Blogging Process

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