Webinar Series Focused on Your Goals!


There is not enough time to travel to all of the training classes we want to attend.

Yet, we need training to get the best results from our business tools.

This is why I created my LinkedIn Webinar series for you.

Each month I will host a 3 part LinkedIn Webinar Series. Each series will be delivered across three days, typically Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

The outline of this LinkedIn Webinar Series is:

Session #1 – Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile.

Session #2 – Building a Relevant LinkedIn Network.

Session #3 – Building a Personal and Professional Brand on LinkedIn.

We will record each session and make the recordings available to each registered attendee.

We provide the relevant eBook for each session to the registered attendees.

I have already scheduled the webinar series for January, February and March 2018.

Visit BCI Webinars on EventBrite to learn more about the webinars and to register for a series if you would like to get some help using LinkedIn as a business tool.

If you want to schedule a private group webinar series give me a call – 336-283-6121

I hope I get the chance to have you attend one of my LinkedIn Webinar Series.


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