Using LinkedIn as a Business Professional Webinar Series


Will your Sales Quota be bigger in 2018? (likely)

Do you want to give your Sales Team a little help before the start of next year’s sales campaigns? (Hopefully)

Are you getting tired of cold calling and getting a miserable result? (I am done with cold calling)

Do you need to factorially increase your connections and prospecting meetings for 2018? (we all do)

Do you wonder why you are wasting time using LinkedIn and not getting any results? (I used to)

OK – Let’s fix these issues for you and your sales team!

I am hosting one more Webinar series before the end of the year

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Here is what it’s all about and what you will get from it:

I made 50 new connections on LinkedIn a few weeks ago and got 4 new prospecting meetings through these new connections. (10/23/17)

This is one of the benefits this webinar series can provide you – growing your business by using LinkedIn in a very purposeful way.

Imagine your competition fumbling using LinkedIn while you are nailing it by building a powerful LinkedIn Profile, the most meaningful LinkedIn Network and an awesome Reputation.

All of this helping you to be found, connected and engaging with your target audience.

The Rewards – growing your business and Bigger Commission CHECKS, and meeting all of your 2018 sales goals, once you get started using LinkedIn as a business tool!!


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Here is the outline for the webinar series:

3 hours of Webinars

  • Building a LinkedIn Profile Tuesday 11/28/2017 9AM EST (1 hour)
  • Building a LinkedIn Network Wednesday 11/29/2017 9AM EST (1 hour)
  • Building a Professional Reputation on LinkedIn Thursday 11/30/2017 9AM EST (1 hour)

BONUS – And, to make this even easier for you – I am going to repeat each session at 6pm EST each day. Register for the 9AM sessions and join us at the 6pm Session as well.

All attendees of this webinar will receive:

  • The related ebooks (digital) for your personal use
  • Recording of each webinar for your personal use

Maximum of 50 People on the webinars. Filling up quickly

During the course of the 3 day Webinar Series I will answer any questions the attendees have.

Don’t let your competitor out do you because they decided to use LinkedIn as a business tool and you are still trying to decide if you should.

Don’t FAIL in 2018 because you are not using LinkedIn effectively

Don’t let your competition eat your lunch in 2018

Register NOW before it’s too late


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