LinkedIn Video Training Series

LinkedIn Training Videos focused on using LinkedIn as a business tool

We built this series of videos to guide you through the steps of building your LinkedIn Profile, Network and Reputation. These videos are delivered to you in order of priority as you learn how to use LinkedIn as a business tool.

Learn at your pace

These videos are designed for you to use at your own pace. Short, focused videos

If you are looking to master LinkedIn as a Business tool you need to connect with Teddy Burriss! There is so much that LinkedIn can do for you professionally and personally and he is the master mind to show you what, when, where and how to make it happen!

Rita B.
Rita B.

Choose between online (Secure YouTube) or USB Flash Drive shipped to you

The content we deliver via Secure YouTube or ship to you will include the three associated ebooks.

  1. Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile
  2. Building a Relevant and Meaningful LinkedIn Network
  3. Building a Professional Reputation on LinkedIn


There are currently 42 individual videos in the entire series, available to you via Secure YouTube or USB Flash Drive shipped to you.

Teddy Burriss is a great LinkedIn trainer and coach. I recently attended his seminar on using LinkedIn as a Business Tool. His tips on researching and finding connections were great and exciting. His method of getting introduced through LinkedIn is unique, I can't wait to try it!

Bruce A.
Bruce A.

LinkedIn Training Video Online (Secure YouTube)

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LinkedIn Training Videos via USB Flash Drive

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