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“Continuous Personal and Professional Development is the key to your future.” @BrianTracy

“So, your prospects won’t return your phone calls or even your most creative emails, eh? Maybe it’s time to bring in Teddy B, the ‘LinkedIn whisperer’. He’ll teach you how to get face-to-face with hard-to-reach people.” – Jim Blaylock, Independent sales coach

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The LinkedIn Professional Development Program maximizes your investment using LinkedIn as a business tool through the 4 important components built into the system:

Philosophy, Instruction, Feedback and Ongoing Support.

For your staff, this combination of training tools will help create permanent and seamless integration of the concepts learned into their daily practices and routines.

This program is designed to professionally develop all customer and prospect facing employees. Everyone is involved in bring in business and serving the customer.

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LinkedIn Professional Development Program focuses first on your business goals and purpose. We help your team achieve those goals through LinkedIn best practices.

This program is designed to get the greatest possible value for your organization by ensuring your team not only learns how, but also understands why they should integrate LinkedIn into their business processes and how to do it for their specific role.

Instruction, Feedback & Ongoing SupportStop Wasting Training Time. Get more Support


We’ve all been to the training classes. We take lots of notes and get pretty fired up to go back to the office and use what we just ‘learned’. For some, this actually happens. However, for many there is no follow through or integration of what has been learned into their day to day routines.

We developed the LinkedIn Professional Development Program to help you and your team maximize the value of your time and to “Stop Wasting Training Time.”

Our clients believe integration is where the magic lives and the LinkedIn Professional Development Program is built around reviewing and supporting the practical use of skills learned during class with regular instruction and feedback.

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Agenda – We need to have a clear Agenda

Your team will receive:       

  • LinkedIn Professional DevelopmentRoutine, engaging classes of actionable instruction on best practices for using LinkedIn.
  • Specific recommendations for targeted members of your team for improving their Profile, Network and/or Reputation on LinkedIn.
  • Weekly messaging to the group filled with easy to consume ideas, best practices, tips & tricks to improve the ROI of using LinkedIn as a business tool.
  • Scheduled 1:1 training for each member of the team, tailored to their specific position and goals within the company.
  • Access to the coach M-F via email, LinkedIn Message, Tweet, Quora or YouTube.

Also available to your management team – Monthly review/report of team activity, successes, classes, coaching.

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“Teddy coached two groups of our employees through the process of building their LinkedIn Profiles. The attendees came away from the sessions with the information they need to build bold & positive LinkedIn Profiles. Teddy is known as THE Social Media Expert in our area. I have no doubt that this training will create opportunities for more business for our firm” – Becky S, CPA Firm Administrator

About Teddy – Your LinkedIn Coach & Trainer

TLBurriss ProfileTeddy Burriss is a LinkedIn expert, social media consultant, columnist, speaker and author who teaches professionals how to maximize their professional potential with LinkedIn. He’s used LinkedIn as a business tool for over 10 years and he knows what works (and what doesn’t) when using LinkedIn to develop business relationships. He’s published two successful books: Networking for Mutual Benefit and Success Using Social Media. He also regularly contributes to the online education of individuals on LinkedIn and his articles have been featured in USA Today College, News & Record and numerous online blogs.

On a personal note, Teddy is dedicated to his local community, especially to those that are unemployed. His business success allows him to volunteer 50 percent of his time as a Career Transition Coach to help individuals in need find suitable employment. See Teddy’s LinkedIn Profile


My Commitment to You:

With the LinkedIn Professional Development Program, I will be a continual source of knowledge and encouragement for your team.

While engaging with your team during this program, I will empower them use this business tool to create meaningful value for themselves and your company.

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“Teddy Burriss always provides relevant insights into developing my career and network goals. He does this based on considerable experience, powerful convictions, and a dash of humor.” – Steve BroesderLinkedIn Professional Training

Pricing for the LinkedIn Sales Pro Program is based on your company size and level of support required. To learn more, please contact us to schedule a time for a no-charge consultation.


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These components delivered through seminars, workshops, one-on-one coaching, relevant feedback and regularly delivered messages, videos and support.