Interesting LinkedIn Profile URLS

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I will add more examples to this file as I find other interesting LinkedIn Profile URLs.

What do you think of these examples:

MF  –

Russell Clarke –

Jacobs Donkey Shivute –

NoName –

NoName –

Andrei Borodko –

VP-Sales-USA Dirtball® –

Robert Turbyfill –

Stacey Dominguez –

Kelvin (Kelvin) Hu –

Dean Lucas –

Nuutti Kotivuori –

Pe Nis –

David Reid –

谭平奇 (阿包) –

Jitse Groen –

Jonathan Suchland –

Вася Пупкин –

Claus Santa –

Ashish Sharma –

Linda Patton –

Matheus Carvalho –

Andy Davies –

Gabriella (Bella) Grandi –

Ed Kent –

Mary A. Edwards –

Arvin Singh –

Greg Tumolo –

Darian A. –

Rajesh Rai –

Rick Kennedy –

Neil Pavitt –

Muhammad Ali Shah –

Ernie Cheng –


Yue Zhao –

Sameer Singh –

Flash Light –

Honey Guzman –


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