Top 20 Mistakes made using LinkedIn as a Business Tool

10:40 am

The Top 20 Mistakes made when using LinkedIn as a business tool can easily be overcome, once you realize they are mistakes and you made them. Rank yourself against this list of LinkedIn mistakes.

Social Onboarding your Business Development team

8:57 pm

I am excited to see organizations do deliberate and organized onboarding of their new hires. Preparing these employees from the start to be successful in their role helps to produce more successful and productive employees who generally want to stay around longer.

There are many steps to successful onboarding.  Some of the basic items in an effective onboarding program include, but is not limited to:

Preparations before the starting day
Introduction to tools used
Orientation of the office
Meeting the team
Evaluating your employee’s onboarding experience afterwards

A successful onboarding process can include specific activities across weeks and even […]

Is LinkedIn working for you?

11:04 pm
LinkedIn Class

Finally – I am able to offer our LinkedIn Professional Development Program to everyone.

There are many LinkedIn Members who are not getting value from their use of LinkedIn, despite every effort they are making. This is because LinkedIn does not come with a user guide.

I’ve spent nearly 10 years studying LinkedIn and developing best practices that create real business value when I follow them while using LinkedIn. Today, LinkedIn is far more than a social media site for me, it is a integral part of my business.


I have been delivering a LinkedIn Professional […]

7 Top LInkedIn Actions Need to Create Value

7:39 pm
LinkedIn Best Practices

I get asked this question all the time, “How do I get value from my use of LinkedIn?”

So, I decided to create a blog post on the topic.

On LinkedIn (in general) you have to do 6 deliberate actions:

Build a clear and concise LinkedIn Profile that shows Who you are and What you do.
Build and keep growing a meaningful LinkedIn Network of people in your industry and beyond.
Build a Professional Reputation based on the content you share and engage on, again relevant to you career or business goals.
Engage […]

Are you Prospecting Efficiently and Effectively on LinkedIn

2:14 am

In my LinkedIn Professional Development Program I teach 4 very specific steps needed to create value using LinkedIn:

#1 – Build a Professional Presence on LinkedIn

#2 – Build a relevant and meaningful Network on LinkedIn

#3 – Build a professional Reputation on LinkedIn

The fourth and equally important step to creating value using LinkedIn is prospecting.

There are numerous ways to use LinkedIn as a prospecting tool. Here is one method you may find efficient and effective:

Step 1 – Create a Saved Search focused on your most important viewer(s) (Prospects) based on your Industry, Region, Keywords and any other […]

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