September 25 2017 LinkedIn Class

2:41 pm

I decided to startup another LinkedIn class.

This class will focus on Insurance and Financial Planners, however the discussions will be diverse enough for anyone to attend.

Take a look at the course details and let me know if you are interested:

LinkedIn Professional Development Program for Financial Professionals
(9/12/17 offer expires on 9/22/17

​The program includes the following:

Individual Attendee Profile Analysis

Webinar Series (weekly Live webinar & Recorded)

Why Use LinkedIn – (1hr)
Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile – (1hr)
Building a Relevant LinkedIn Network – (1hr)
Building a Professional Reputation on LinkedIn […]

LinkedIn Networking – Broad and Diverse

10:54 am

Network on LinkedIn broad and diversely. You never know who you may connect with and how they can help you.

Facebook is for my personal friends

8:44 pm

Facebook is for our personal friends. We have personal friends in many different aress of life, including career and business.

Privacy Starts with us Paying Serious Attention

9:35 pm

There has been a rash of email security attacks lately. The most recent (May 2017) a phishing attack associated with Gmail accounts.

We expect service providers like Google to build and manage systems that keep our data and information secure. However, we have some responsibility for our privacy and security when using online tools as well.

Here are a few best practices you should consider:

#1 – Pay attention to what you are about to click on. Too often we get in a rush and don’t pay attention to what we are about to click on. One simple […]

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