New Online Training Classes

1:49 pm

Teddy takes his classes online

One of my challenges is I can’t get to everyone across the globe with my training.

So, I’ve created a relationship with two Revenue Sharing online training companies so I can get my classes to more people, and at a very low cost.

My first online program started with As of today 3/27/17 I have three classes on Illumeo.  You can Illumeo classes for as low as $99 per year. They have a great selection of classes beyond my own.

My second online program is […]

Top 20 Mistakes made using LinkedIn as a Business Tool

10:40 am

The Top 20 Mistakes made when using LinkedIn as a business tool can easily be overcome, once you realize they are mistakes and you made them. Rank yourself against this list of LinkedIn mistakes.

2016 Annual Message in Review

7:30 pm

The 2016 Annual Email Message from Teddy Burriss created even more engagement. Here are the statistics.

2017 Word of the Year

8:45 am

It happened on December 21, 2016 @ about 4:45pm. I discovered my 2017 Word of the Year (WOY).

Over the past few weeks I have been considering what would be a good WOY for me. Each time I brought the conversation up in my mind I leaned towards business, career, my company, my clients and the work I do. Each time I had to subconsciously remind myself that a WOY is not just about this stuff.

A good WOY should be:

A word relevant to life in general. Not just my personal life or my business.
A word […]

Social Onboarding your Business Development team

8:57 pm

I am excited to see organizations do deliberate and organized onboarding of their new hires. Preparing these employees from the start to be successful in their role helps to produce more successful and productive employees who generally want to stay around longer.

There are many steps to successful onboarding.  Some of the basic items in an effective onboarding program include, but is not limited to:

Preparations before the starting day
Introduction to tools used
Orientation of the office
Meeting the team
Evaluating your employee’s onboarding experience afterwards

A successful onboarding process can include specific activities across weeks and even […]

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