Do you follow LinkedIn Business Processes?

2:14 pm

Following proven LinkedIn Business Processes can help you to get real business value from your use of LinkedIn.

2017 Annual Message in Review

10:04 pm

Many of you know each year I send an Annual Email Message out to my network each year.

This year I decided to include a game at the bottom of the message. I offered an $800 LinkedIn coaching program to a lucky person who read the entire message and replied accordingly. I will announce the winner on 2/1/18 per the official rules of the game. 367 replied per the instructions in the email.

If you want to see the 2017 email message, here it is – 2016 Annual Message

Here are the statistics from the past 5 years of […]

2018 Word of the Year

7:04 pm


I’ve been declaring a word of the year since back in 2013

2013 – #NoLimit

2014 – Deliberate

2015 – Focus

2016 – Purpose

2017 – Gratitude

I add this word to my email signature.

I add it to the wall in my office

I strive to remind myself to use the Word of The Year in a way that will provide me value in my life, business and community

My Word of the Year is primarily intended to inspire me to do better in life.

My Word of the Year has significant […]

Webinar Series Focused on Your Goals!

8:14 pm

There is not enough time to travel to all of the training classes we want to attend.

Yet, we need training to get the best results from our business tools.

This is why I created my LinkedIn Webinar series for you.

Each month I will host a 3 part LinkedIn Webinar Series. Each series will be delivered across three days, typically Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

The outline of this LinkedIn Webinar Series is:

Session #1 – Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile.

Session #2 – Building a Relevant LinkedIn Network.

Session #3 – Building a Personal and Professional Brand on LinkedIn.

We will record […]

8 KPIs for Business Professionals using LinkedIn

12:51 pm

Are you measuring the right KPIs when you use ;LinkedIn as a business tool? Knowing what KPIs to measure and how to do so can propel your towards greater success using LinkedIn as a business tool.

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